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Gianni & Michelle's Parisian Wedding Photography Journey

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Unforgettable Paris Wedding Photography with Gianni & Michelle

wedding photography

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Your personal paparazzi, historian, hype-woman, and memory maker - your new best friend and unwavering supporter. The perfect addition to your team, who will capture and preserve your memories for eternity. You can rest assured that every moment will be cherished forever.


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City Hall Wedding


Whether you’re interested in family portraits, maternity, or couples photoshoots — you have several options. We can plan a session in the comfort of your home or organize a fun trip to the beach, forest, or anywhere outside. You can also opt to have your photos taken inside my studio against a clear backdrop. Once we decide on the location, I’ll help you plan out the concept, the outfit, and the details. Below, check out more information about my services and price rates.


Graduation 2024

Our graduation portraits are the perfect mementos to celebrate earning your well-deserved degree. While traditional graduation portrait photography is common, we offer a personalized graduation photoshoot with an editorial twist that allows you to take unique graduation portraits that reflect your individuality, highlighting what makes you stand out and capture your essence in every image..