Booking a shoot for modeling digitals may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. With these tips, you can book a successful shoot with confidence:

1. Start by researching photographers in your area who specialize in digital model photography. Contact them with your details and ensure they understand your vision and budget.

2. Make sure the photographer has a white wall to shoot against and can mimic window light to achieve a professional look.

3. Schedule a phone meeting with the photographer beforehand to discuss all the details of the shoot. This way, both of you will be on the same page when it's time to capture your images. Remember, a well-planned photo session is crucial for successful results!

By following these steps, you can book a shoot for modeling digitals with ease, whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned professional. Having a clear plan and communicating effectively with your photographer will ensure stunning results every time!


Wear neutral colors like black, white, or grey; avoid bright colors

  • If you have light skin, wear black. If you have dark skin, wear grey or white. In most cases, you’re safe wearing all black.

Wear clothes that are form-fitting to reveal the shape of your body. Think tank top, t-shirt, fitted jeans.

  • No loose, oversized, or baggy clothes. T-shirt or pants.
  • Jeans or leggings and a tank top or crop top
  • A fitted dress.
  • Shorts and a tank top
  • Black jeans or leggings and a form-fitting neutral-colored tank top
  • Black or dark blue skinny jeans and a fitted black tank top
  • Wear neutral-colored simple shoes, white or black.

Women should also avoid wearing makeup, editing, filters, or special lighting. The goal is for agencies and clients to see the model in their natural form.

Some agencies may specify if they want digitals in a swimsuit, regular clothing, or both. Fitness and swimwear models can opt for shirtless photos.

Always bring two extra options.


We strongly recommend wearing swimwear or tight-fitted clothing for the most accurate measurements. Stand straight with your arms relaxed by your side while measuring to ensure flawless results. The tape should lie flat against your skin and should not be too loose or tight. Following these simple guidelines will guarantee you the best possible results.